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Babak Tawassoli About me english

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Babak Tawassoli (born in 1964) started to train TO’A martial art
since 1979 in Tehran. He is one of the few who has mastered the
martial art of TO’A to the utmost perfection. He also trained and
gained experience in Judo, Ju-Jutsu, Muay Thai/Kickboxing,
Savate (French/boxing) and historical Persian weapons. He has
more than 35 years of experience in martial arts.

              • - International Coach and International Referee
                - Author of the 1st Book about TOA Martial Art in Europe
                - Champion in Germany by Thai-Boxing 63 kg – 1987
                - Champion in Germany by Savate “French-Boxing” 63 kg – 1987
                - Champion in Germany by Freestyle – 2004
                - President of WUTA (World Union of TOA Associations) in Europe
                - Chairman of TFD e.V. (TOA Föderation Deutschland) TOA Federation in Germany
                - Trainer of TOA German National Team (3rd Place by TOA World Championship 2011)




Cold Weapons


01. Shamshir (New Variation of Sword’s Technique)
02. Do Shamshir (Two Swords)
03. Shamshir va Separ (Persian Sword and Shield)
04. Tak Tigh (Short Sword)
05. Do Tigh (Double Short Sword)
06. Choob (Long Stick)
07. Tak Choob (Short stick)
08. Do Choob (Double Short stick)
09. Tak Toonfa (Toonfa)
10. Do Toonfa (Double Toonfas)
11. Tak Kard (Knife)
12. Do Kard (Double Knife)
13. Do Das (Double Kama),
14. Dam (Breathing Technique)

Dam is a Persian’s Word to express for different meanings like, Breathing, Air, Time,
Moment, Sharp-Edged of Knife or Sword.




                1. Shamshir va Separ (Persian Sword and Shield)
                2.  Archery (Persian Style)
                3. Ghame (Persian Short Sword, Double-Edged Sword)
                4. Ghadare (Persian Short Sword, Single-Edged Sword)
                5. Neyze (Persian Spear)
                6. Tabar (Persian Axe)
                7. Gorz (Persian Mace)
                8. Khanjar, Kard, Pishghabz (different sort of Persian Knife)
                9. Koshti Jangi (Persian Middle Ages Wrestling)







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